Stefanie MacWilliams

Stefanie MacWilliams is a twenty-five year old millennial on the right-wing of the political spectrum.

She has been interested in politics since the age of twelve, when she declared that she didn’t like the current political parties in Canada and wanted to start her own and become the Prime Minister. As an almost-lifelong homeschooler, she spent many hours drinking Tim Horton’s coffee with her father, discussing religion, philosophy, and of course politics and socio-political issues.

Though Stefanie was born and raised in Ontario, Canada, she finds American politics infinitely more interesting and has a deep love for America, the Constitution, and the American people.

She was raised in a left leaning household, and though her political views often differ from those of her family (particularly her mother and two younger sisters), she is thankful to them for raising her in an environment of learning how to think, instead of what to think.

Stefanie began writing seriously in 2016, before the 45th Presidential Election of Donald J. Trump. In January of 2017, she helped found the Halsey News Network with business partner Halsey English. She serves as the Editor-At-Large for as well as hosting the Right Millennial show.

She writes frequent commentary articles at Halsey News with a focus on humanizing the various political, social, and philosophical issues that affect us all – with a touch of humor and personal reflection.

She can be reached by email at, or via her social media accounts that are linked at the top right of this page.