The Most Savage Warrior Of All

The Most Savage Warrior Of All

When I look at a picture of Saint George slaying the dragon, what I want to be is the princess being protected. Most of the women like me, the unexpected warriors, are the same way. We want to be women, we want to be feminine, and we in many facets of our lives are that way. Sometimes, we’re lucky enough to have men in our lives who will be the warrior for us.

But that is not the broader world we live in. When it comes to fighting Islam, and fighting the left, I guess I’m Saint George on that white horse, stabbing a dragon in the throat and wiping off the blood with mild disinterest as he gurgles to death in the dirt. Onto the next.

Because what feminism doesn’t realize, and what Islam doesn’t realize, and what evil in general cannot realize, is that it is the unexpected warriors who are the most savage of all. It is the gentle mother who wants a man to take care of her who will rip your f*cking throat out if you come near something that matters to her enough.

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