Media Invincibility: A Comprehensive Survival Guide

Media Invincibility: A Comprehensive Survival Guide

This article isn’t about the Tiana Dalichov fiasco.

However, I think this context is helpful to my broader point of handling the media, not to mention I am sick of answering the same questions over and over again on Twitter, so behold The Master Summary Of Tianagate™.

Tiana was a frequent contributor at Halsey News. She also has been a guest on my Youtube show, Right Millennial, as well as on my partner Halsey English’s show, Halsey Live. Tiana and I were friends. I really liked her as a person. I truly wish her the best and that she’ll sort herself out, and to this day that remains the case. I also am genuinely worried about threats to her safety from the leftist Batman brigade thinking they’re out to punch Nazis. I don’t like that this has happened to her.

But that doesn’t change my position on her views, nor will I defend them due to what has come after.

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