We Can’t Fix The Problem Of School Shootings

We Can’t Fix The Problem Of School Shootings

Parkland’s horrific school shooting has served as only the latest spark in the long-running debate in America on gun legislation.

Moral depravity of such magnitude can shake a nation. It is perfectly understandable that Americans, whether Democrat or Republican, would have an emotional response to this sort of act. With left-leaning individuals, we tend to see this manifested as an immediate cry to do something, to fix this, because how could we allow such a problem to happen? It’s easy for many individuals, who tend to lean right, to take a bit more of a clinical approach when this sort of tragedy happens. They are sad, of course, with often the same depth of feeling and sincerity. However, they know that their emotional response should be channeled in quiet waiting and thought, not in immediate calls for drastic legislation!

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