Right Millennial Stefanie MacWilliamsI wrote an article titled “I’m A Right-Wing Millenial, Here’s Why We Matter” for HalseyNews.com back in March of 2017.

I had never written such a personal piece before. I was nervous when I showed it to my business partner, and even more nervous when I shared it publicly. Who was I to drag my own life into the spotlight, to not simply talk about politics as they relate to everyone, but about how they related to me?

And yet, as scared as I was, it was a piece I needed to write. I had been feeling the alienation that comes with realizing just how alone I was when it came to my views. I had been struggling to know how much to be public with what I believed, with how much I should pander to the views of my family and friends to keep them happy, and most of all, with how much my views had grown and developed and what that meant for the course of my life.

At the time, I did not realize that this article would be the point where I realized the sort of writer I wanted to be.

I published it with bated breath, sure that it would be too personal, and that no one would really care what I had to say, or how I had tried to say it.

Fortunately, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

My business partner, Halsey English, loved what I wrote. My readers on social media seemed to love it, too. My mother wrote me a long and thoughtful email about it – though she didn’t agree, and didn’t seem thrilled with everything I wrote, she also seemed to understand where I was coming from.

A theme had emerged: people could relate to me. People were messaging me, emailing me, tweeting me – telling me their stories of political growth, often in an indifferent or even hostile environment. It felt good to know that my personal story had not come off as self-aggrandizing – but, in fact, as a story that many saw their own lives reflected in, even if the specifics couldn’t be more different.

Soon after, I woke up one morning to a message from Halsey, telling me that he had re-read my article about thirty times the night before. We had been choosing concepts and names for new sites in our network, and he had decided to buy RightMillennial.com for me without even telling me about it beforehand.

I loved it immediately as a personal brand – and I knew the further direction I wanted to take: a show, where I could take the same personal style I used in my writing and apply it to video interviews and discussions.

Right Millennial is about more than conversations and commentary from a right-wing millennial perspective, though that is part of it.

More than anything else, Right Millennial is about striving to humanize the political journey we all go through, as we grow as thinkers and as people.

I’m so thankful to get to share this with all of you.

 ~ Stefanie MacWilliams