No, Capitalist Countries Are Not “Partly Socialist”

No, Capitalist Countries Are Not “Partly Socialist”

Anyone who has spent any time following me, watching my show, or reading my articles, knows I am not a libertarian. In fact, I spend a fair amount of time debating with libertarians. I find that far too many libertarians do very little to differentiate themselves from anarchists. And the libertarians I do agree with, who insist I should call myself libertarian, are almost always indistinguishable from Constitutional conservatives.

What annoys me about some libertarians is precisely what annoys me about some people who proclaim that a certain level of socialist policy is necessary in a capitalist system.

Though both of these groups of people would likely acknowledge that the “political compass” style of mapping out our political landscape is superior to the left right paradigm, they still seem trapped in the idea of totalitarianism on one pole, and anarchism on the other.

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