Catch me on On The Line with Lone Conservative

Catch me on On The Line with Lone Conservative

Tonight the panel talks Trump and Sessions, Transgender Ban, and Israel. Special guests are Contributors Stefanie MacWilliams and Rabbi Yehuda Levi.

Watch it here!


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  • Joni Posted August 1, 2017 11:52 am

    stefanie: if this teaches you, can you email me. I saw your video about your family, and what is occurring. I have been on a five year- very painful journey for truth in my family- what I have found shook me to my core. It is so parallel to your family, that I might be able to shed a little light on something that may save you years of pain – if this speaks to you at all please contact me via email. Perhaps we could then skype for a short time, to see if what I have experience thru my journey- could help in anyway. Joni Twitter at @joniturnerlaw….. email jt.attorneyatlaw@yahoo.😊

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